Tackle Hunger Food Drive

2023 Citizens Bank Award -Tackle Hunger

With much gratitude, United Way of North Central Arkansas is sending over $6000 worth of food to the area school’s backpack program including Batesville School District, Cave City School District, Cedar Ridge School District, Midland School District, and Southside School District.

This was all made possible thanks to help from Bank of Cave City, Centennial Bank, Citizens Bank, First Community Bank, FutureFuel Chemical Company, Independence County Library, LaCroix Precision Optics and White River Health!

And the highly anticipated Super Bowl of Caring Tackle Hunger Food Drive Winner goes to…

Citizens Bank! 

1st Place- Citizens Bank collected and donated food totaling 2,935 points.

2nd Place- First Community placed 2nd, donating food totaling 1,930 points.

3rd Place- Future Fuel Chemical Company placed 3rd, donating food totaling 646 points.

We want to extend a HUGE thank you to all of the area businesses who participated and remind you all that things like this are only made possible because of your contributions. THANK YOU!